Vitals and progress self-tracking

A proposed list of vitals and other measurements to track and compare your progress without needing to visit a clinic:

  1. sex
  2. age
  3. ethnicity
  4. height
  5. bodyweight
  6. hip circumference
  7. waist circumference
  8. neck circumference
  9. wrist circumference (to measure a type of the body frame)
  10. blood pressure on both arms (morning and night)
  11. Heart Rate Variability (RMSSD via Polar H10 or mobile camera)
  12. Resting Heart Rate
  13. VO2max (direct measurement or estimated via Cooper test)
  14. the Ruffier-Dickson index to measure aerobic endurance
  15. the one-leg balancing test (Bondarevsky’s test?)
  16. reaction time test
  17. common morbidities (obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, stroke, hypertension, cyberchondria, etc)
  18. prescribed medications; dietary supplements; entheogenic, recreational, performance-enhancing, and other drugs
  19. locomotion data and sleep pattern (via wearable devices)
  20. mood and mental performance self-assessment
  21. libido
  22. core temperature
  23. lung function
  24. blood glucose level
  25. handgrip strength
  26. Shtange and Genchi’s tests
  27. high-frequency hearing test
  28. visual acuity test
  29. various active range of motion tests
  30. orthostatic blood pressure recovery test