Longevity Stack #1

So far my “longevity” stack contains magnesium citrate, taurine, menaquinone-7, potassium gluconate, some probiotic (including LKM-512), oxerutins, lots of vegetables, Indian spices, nuts, lentils, avocado, olive oil, lithium-rich and silicon-rich mineral water.

Other factors affecting the healthspan we will discuss later:

  • food
  • exposure to outdoor solar radiation
  • oral hygiene
  • physical activity
  • quality of a night’s sleep
  • outdoor and indoor air pollution level, detoxification
  • supportive local social environment
  • mood
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Curious, what kind of physical activity? I favor high-intensity sprints and weight lifting at least 2 x per week.

Also, what’s your opinion on blocking blue light for enhanced sleep? I enjoy f.lux on my computer screen to cycle the display’s color temperature.

There is a notion that accumulated moderate-to-heavy aerobic physical activity (i.e. hiking, tennis, swimming, bicycle riding, jogging, dancing, handball, racquetball, squash) 150 min per week at 60-75% of the maximum age-dependent heart rate (which is, 226 minus your age for women or 220 minus your age for men) is optimal for health and longevity. Unfortunately, the contradictory results of HIIT would not allow me to recommend it for promoting longevity.

Yes, I’m also f.lux and Spectra479 user and like their positive effects on the quality of my night’s sleep.

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