Glucose Metabolism Based Age Calculator

"Because the energy metabolism changes are involved in the aging process, in this work, we propose a new aging clock based on the modifications of glucose catabolism.

The biochemical analyses were performed on mononuclear cells isolated from peripheral blood, obtained from a healthy population with an age between 5 and 106 years.

In particular, we have evaluated the oxidative phosphorylation function and efficiency, the ATP/AMP ratio, the lactate dehydrogenase activity and the malondialdehyde content.

Further, based on these biochemical markers, we developed a machine learning-based mathematical model able to predict the age of an individual with a mean absolute error of approximately 9.7 years.

This mathematical model represents a new non-invasive tool to evaluate and define the age of individuals and could be used to evaluate the effects of drugs or other treatments on the early aging or the rejuvenation."

Ravera, S. et al. Discrete Changes in Glucose Metabolism Define Aging. Scientific Reports 9, (2019).