Calorie restriction and radiation

“…calorie restriction may sensitize mice to chronic low-dose-rate radiation exposure to produce a life-shortening effect rather than alleviating the effects of radiation.”

The low dose radiation is hormetic [1-3] but seems dangerous for rodents, especially calorie-restricted ones.

  1. “The average lifespan of A-bomb survivors is longer than the Japanese average. Solid cancer deaths of A-bomb survivors and control subjects were fewer than the Japanese average. Consequently, one can reasonably infer that radiation of A-bombs elongated their lifespan and reduced cancer deaths on average, indicating a failure of LNT [the linear no-threshold hypothesis (LNT) in 1956, which indicates that the lowest doses of ionizing radiation are hazardous in proportion to the dose].”

  2. Evidence That Lifelong Low Dose Rates of Ionizing Radiation Increase Lifespan in Long- and Short-Lived Dogs

  3. …chronic exposure of the whole body to low-dose-rate radiation, even accumulated to a high annual dose, may be beneficial to human health.