Bruce Klein, my brief longevity journey

Dear Rejuvians,

I’m currently half-way to 90… and have invested nearly half my life devoted to figuring out how to overcome the blight of involuntary death. Still working on it, of course… but certainly there’s much more interest and resources being devoted now than ever before.

As such, it’s great to be officially involved with Rejuve as part of this progress… a special organization with unique expertise, bringing together leading-edge technologies.

We’ll certainly be saying more about this soon… but wanted to go ahead and welcome old and new friends to the community, as this forum becomes a focal point for discussion and sharing of longevity related topics.

Bruce J. Klein, Rejuve’s Director of Outreach
Founded the Immortality Institute (LongeCity) in 2002, and participated in the creation of Singularity University and the AGI Conference series.

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Hi Bruce!
I used to tour the pages of the Immortality Institute forum back when I was in high school :slight_smile:
That was where I first learned that a community of longevity scientists existed!
i’m so glad to find your new online community once again!